Back in a creative mood  I got my ink and scribbled. The ambiguity of a scribble can lead to an image, much like staring at clouds in the sky. I thought about how I have thrown out a lot of art I made and you just have to let go. I have these thoughts that I could get somewhere with art as well. Some type of publication. The wizardry of drawing is much more than just drawing what you see. The hands are powerful and so are the eyes. I was a gifted drawer at an early age. I remember having a drawing competition with a guy in year 4. The girl judging us who was my crush chose me. Scribbling was something that an old friend concerned me with. Though he decided to abandon it for fear of the darkness and evil.

I believe you must grow through the darkness to get to a light. Perhaps according to principle an art practice should be as much about producing work as it is about keeping the body and mind healthy with other practices. Meditation and exercise, or yoga, cycling anything healthy plus eating well and a drug free life could diminish these dark images and possibly produce a beam towards the medium brighter. Although you can never escape the factor of reality in art and it would not be consistent to only produce light work. I would say that there would be a combination of what I call ‘The Three Cats”. A white cat, a black cat and a gold cat.

To create images is more enjoyable even if painful if you decide on purpose before form. Process is more important than choosing an image. How you get to an image is far more interesting than just saying “Today I will draw a cat”.

The ambiguity of images is fascinating when you learn how to view them. Looking purposefully at an image and allowing it to come out to you is the battle. You could paint in dots like a magic eye, an image forming if you go cross eyed.

So for now I believe not to rush into anything artistically. The addiction of creation is damaging sometimes. Where you create in a flood of anxiety in hope of redemption. Slowing down and doing it little by little can stage a practice better. As my friend said to me once, art is more about looking than doing.


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